Make a Gift of Stock

Gifts of securities to The Glaucoma Foundation can provide tax benefits to the donor and help TGF carry out its mission to support vital research towards a cure.

To make a gift of securities to The Glaucoma Foundation please follow the steps below:

1. Send a written statement (mailed letter, fax, or email) including the information outlined to the address below informing The Glaucoma Foundation of your gift intention and wishes.

Please include the following in your written statement:

  • Your name, mailing address and phone number
  • The name and number of securities that you plan to transfer
  • The anticipated date of transfer
  • Indication of any gift restrictions (General Support, Gala, Think Tank, etc.)

Please send your written statement to:

Elena Sturman
The Glaucoma Foundation
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 700
New York, NY 10038
Phone: 212-651-1900
Fax: 212-651-1888

2. Give your broker the following information on the Foundation’s brokerage account:

The Glaucoma Foundation, Inc. (FID#13-3174839)
Pershing LLC
One Pershing Plaza
Jersey City, NJ 07399
Phone: 201-413-2323
Account Number: T4U-719243
DTC Number: 0443
Attention: ACAT Department

As soon as we are informed of the completed transfer we will send you written notification of the date of transfer and the average of the high and low market prices of the stock on that day. This information is essential for you to get the proper tax deduction.