Our Staff

Elena Sturman

President & Chief Executive Officer(212) 651-1900, esturman@glaucomafoundation.org

Elena Sturman is the President and CEO of The Glaucoma Foundation. Ms. Sturman immigrated to the United States from Kiev as a young woman. In 1996, after graduating from Brooklyn College, CUNY with a BA in Psychology, she joined the Jewish Theological Seminary as Assistant Director for Grassroots Development. In 2000, she was hired as the Director of Donor Relations ...

Angela Cooley

Director of Fundraising(212) 651-2501, mscooley@glaucomafoundation.org

Angela Cooley has been with TGF for 24 years. As the Director of Fundraising, she handles all donations, donor contacts and reconciliations. She is also responsible for all CRM matters, i.e. data entry, reports and upkeep of major gifts. Fun Fact: "I love to travel to exotic places, but I don't like to fly." ...

Cly Fowkes

Director of Special Projects(212) 379-6507, cfowkes@glaucomafoundation.org

Cly Fowkes has been with TGF for 3 years. As the Director of Special Projects, she designs the Foundation's printed publication and some of the web graphics. She also does a lot of writing. Fun Fact: "I was born and raised in NYC and now live in my childhood apartment with three rescue cats, a very sweet poodle, and a ...

Nilda Richards

Controller(212) 651-2506, nrichards@glaucomafoundation.org

Nilda Richards has been with TGF for 23 years. As the Comptroller, she handles all accounting functions including payroll, all bills and invoices and anything else dealing with company finances. Fun Fact: "I love to travel and be exposed to different cultures; I love the beach and palm trees." ...

Andrea Steele

Director of Operations(212) 651-2509, asteele@glaucomafoundation.org

Andrea Steele has been with TGF for 7 years. As the Director of Operations, she oversees all day-to-day business operations for the Foundation. She is also responsible for organizing the Think Tank, the yearly grant review cycles and all digital content for the website and social media. Fun Fact: "I love to dance! I took 15 years of tap, ballet ...