International Think Tank

Held annually, The Glaucoma Foundation’s International Scientific Think Tank is a unique opportunity for scientists to apply the research and progress in other diseases and systems to the challenges of glaucoma. This interdisciplinary meeting fosters creative thought and collaboration among the world’s leading glaucoma experts, neuroscientists, geneticists, biologists, immunologists, and other specialists.

Traditionally, the two-day forum achieves three objectives:

  • Orienting Scientists from other fields about glaucoma.
  • Presenting critical scientific findings that may impact or even redefine the future course of glaucoma research.
  • Identifying novel approaches for gathering scientific data.

Glaucoma Foundation Think Tank

By encouraging new research strategies and innovative insights into the causes of glaucoma at this forum, The Glaucoma Foundation continues to spearhead the multi-disciplinary campaign to eradicate blindness from this disease.

If you would like to be a sponsor of the Think Tank, please email us at and include “Think Tank” in the subject line.