Privacy Policy

TGF uses its best efforts to respect the privacy concerns of visitors to our Website. Any personal information submitted by such visitors is on a voluntary basis and is not required for access to the Website.

With regard to the YUP, YUP_Parents and APUP email groups, TGF receives personal information from prospective members for the purpose of approving membership to the email groups. Such personal information is not passed on to Yahoo!, the operator of the email groups, and is not posted to the groups. All use of the email groups is subject to the Yahoo! Terms of Use ( and the Yahoo! Groups Guidelines (  TGF does not pre-screen postings to the email groups, and as any posting may be viewed by the public, we strongly urge and caution our visitors not to divulge any sensitive, private or proprietary information in such postings.

The safety of children is very important to us, and we ask parents and guardians to supervise their children when they visit our Website and participate in the YUP email group. Children should always obtain permission from their parent or guardian before they post, send or otherwise transmit any personal information over the Internet. TGF will not knowingly collect or ask anyone under the age of 13 for any personal information, and will comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act with regard to any such information that may be obtained.

The following sets forth our policy with respect to our users´ privacy:

  • All information, whether private or not, requested by us through our Website (such as pledges, mailing list subscriptions, inquiries and other personal information) and submitted to us voluntarily by our visitors and subscribers is used to: (i) provide the visitors and subscribers with specific information that they have requested from TGF, (ii) provide updates on TGF´s programs and activities, (iii) follow up on donation pledges, and (iv) help us shape and improve the content of this Website and the YUP, YUP_Parents and APUP email groups in order to provide a better experience for our visitors and subscribers.
  • TGF will not disclose any personal, private, confidential or financial information of or about our visitors or email group members, except as follows: (i) an applicant for membership to the YUP, YUP_Parents or APUP email groups will be identified to Yahoo! by their Yahoo! username as a member of the email group upon approval, (ii) under certain circumstances when disclosure is required by law or when disclosure is necessary to protect our or any third party´s rights under the law, or (iii) when such visitor or email group member permits or directs a disclosure.
  • TGF will not, in any circumstances, sell, rent or distribute information about YUP, YUP_Parents and APUP email group subscribers to any third party or disclose such information to any third party, unless under certain circumstances when disclosure is required by law or when disclosure is necessary to protect our or any third party´s rights under the law.
  • Any personal information collected online by TGF (such as name, address, email address, and credit card number) will be used for TGF’s own records and, in the case of a donation provided online, as specifically identified as such at the time the information is collected, such as for authorizing a credit card transaction directed by you. Your personal information will never be sold or provided to any other organization or business.

Please note however, if you generously made a donation to TGF offline (by mail) at a prior date, your name and address may be included in a mailing list which we may exchange with other carefully selected non-profit groups, for the purpose of locating additional donors and supporters. This exchange of mailing lists is a way for TGF to lower fundraising costs. If you do not want your offline mailing address shared with other non-profit groups, please email us at with the subject “Do Not Share.” So that we may properly process your request, please include your full name and the first line of your mailing address in the body of the email.