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The Glaucoma Foundation is dedicated to developing a cure for glaucoma through innovative research, collaboration and education. Our goal is to eradicate blindness caused by glaucoma.

About Glaucoma

Educate yourself on the eye and how it works, diagnosing glaucoma, exfoliation syndrome, and glaucoma treatments.

Living with Glaucoma

People deal differently with their glaucoma diagnosis and the reality of living with a chronic disease.
Read their stories.


The Glaucoma Foundation has been funding groundbreaking glaucoma research for over 30 years.

Doctor, I Have a Question.
What are some of the greatest
advances in glaucoma treatment?

As physicians, our goal is to preserve vision and quality of life for all our patients. Our populations are ageing and life expectancy is increasing, which means that there will be more people with glaucoma and they will have the disease for a longer period of time.

Fortunately, we live in a world of rapidly changing paradigms in science. New advances in biotechnology and biological science occur every day. Our technology is rapidly improving. We have novel medical interventions, new surgical devices, and the future use of AI (artificial intelligence) in glaucoma management will allow us to detect glaucoma earlier.

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Since it’s founding in 1984, The Glaucoma Foundation has never wavered from its principle mission: to fund cutting edge glaucoma research and to educate the public about glaucoma, its diagnosis, and its treatment. The support of individuals like you has provided us with the resources to deliver on this mission.

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