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May 11, 2020

A Message from TGF Chair,
Gregory Harmon, MD

I send you greetings and sincerely hope this finds all of you safe and well. At this challenging moment, patients are asking what the near future looks like in terms of their glaucoma care, when they can see their doctors, how they will be tested and more. In my practice, as in so many others, we are currently only seeing patients on an urgent need basis and increasingly using virtual visits.

But patients should be reassured that their doctors are spending extraordinary amounts of time these days figuring out the best possible way to safely see our patients again while also securing the safety of our staffs — from the moment when you enter the office until when you leave.

Glaucoma is a chronic disease that depends on ongoing care. We are all planning new protocols for a “new normal.” Every step is being considered. It is an audacious task but the times require it.

Please stay well.

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