4 Features That Glaucoma Patients Should Look For In Sunglasses

  • July 21, 2023
~4 Features That Glaucoma Patients Should Look For In Sunglasses~
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Sunglasses are a must-have for glaucoma patients during summer. A study reported that almost 70% of glaucoma patients are photosensitive to glare from the sun or any light source. Due to their photosensitivity to glare, glaucoma patients struggle with daily activities, such as spending time outside or driving a car.

Unfortunately, the sun’s glare is only one of the many factors that can affect the vision of glaucoma patients during summer. As such, it’s essential to block the glare of the sun and protect your or your loved ones’ eyes by looking for sunglasses with these features:

Polarizing filter

Glare can cause discomfort to glaucoma patients, especially during summer.

To minimize the glare from the sun, you must look for sunglasses with special polarized lenses. An eye care professional shares that some of their best-selling sunglasses during summer come from Polaroid. Polaroid usually offers timeless designs and colorful frames, as seen with the PLD 6175/S frames. However, the brand is also known for developing polarizing sunglasses filters that can effectively block glare without affecting the penetration of light on the lenses. Though Polaroid invented this filter, glaucoma patients can now find plenty of brands that offer this polarizing filter for their sunglasses.

Prescription lenses

Patients with glaucoma may need both sunglasses and eyeglasses during summer. A study on low vision care highlights that every glaucoma patient needs sunglasses that can reduce the effects of glare and improve their visual contrast. However, the study cited that some people must also use prescription glasses that can correct presbyopia and other eye conditions related to glaucoma.

In this case, you need to order prescription sunglasses from brands that can replace standard sunglass lenses with customized ones. Popular eyewear brands Ray-Ban and Oakley can accommodate your prescription needs and adjust the lenses of their sunglasses to help correct your vision. Through these prescription sunglasses, you can address refractive errors and reduce the glare problems caused by glaucoma at the same time.

Photochromic features

You can also protect your eyes from glare and correct your vision by using glasses with photochromic features.

Unlike prescription sunglasses, these glasses have lenses that can transition to a different shade based on outdoor conditions. These photochromic lenses will remain clear while you’re indoors, then change into a much darker shade once you step outside and get exposed to sunlight. Eyewear brands like Shuron, Costa, and Kate Spade offer photochromic lenses that can change from a clear color to gray, brown, or even green once you’re outdoors. You can even customize these photochromic lenses and add polarizing filters so that your eyes can easily adjust as you travel around this summer.

UV filter

Glaucoma patients should also wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays do not directly affect glaucoma, but they can increase one’s risk of having cataracts, macular degeneration, and even cancer.

Thus, you must look for sunglasses with adequate UV filters. In fact, our article recommends using sunglasses that can filter out 100% UV light. You can ensure that your shades can shield your eyes from the sun’s rays by looking for labels that show how much UV protection they provide. You should find sunglasses with a UV 400 label because this certifies their full protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Glaucoma patients can experience discomfort and even put themselves at risk due to the intensity of sunlight. However, you can protect and improve their vision by looking for sunglasses with features that are suitable to their needs.

Article written by Rose Joanne