A Song for Glaucoma Awareness Month

  • January 20, 2022

~A Song for Glaucoma Awareness Month~

“Sometimes art and music can touch people in a way that other things can’t,” says Donna Mulhollan, who together with her husband Kelly are a folk duo from Arkansas who have been touring the U.S, Canada and Europe for 25 years as Still on the Hill. “I am also an artist of sorts and actually call myself a Craftivist because I always use my ‘art’ to help with causes.” This January she’s spreading the message of Glaucoma Awareness Month — get your eyes examined — through musical craftivism.

Donna was diagnosed with narrow angle glaucoma by chance some 17 years ago, when she had to go to the eye doctor – first time ever – because some grout had gotten into her eye while she was mosaicing her floor. She didn’t even know what glaucoma was. And because she had no noticeable symptoms, she admits to having been a bit lax about taking her meds.

“Now I have a new doctor, whose given me all the tests and put some fear in me. I’m more compliant with my treatment and have been reading up to learn more. I’m more proactive and I’ve really begun to get serious about my eyes.

“I’ve also become more of an advocate. I’ve been trying to get my 31-year-old son to get his eyes checked for the first time. Then I read that it was Glaucoma Awareness Month and remembered that I had written a song called “Darkness” after I was first diagnosed 17 years ago. So with my husband, we made a video the next day and sent it to friends, posted it on Facebook, and sent it to others as well.” Here it is.