Announcing the TGF Art Challenge

  • August 7, 2020

The Glaucoma Foundation Art Challenge

The TGF Art Challenge is raising money to fund sight-saving research. Beginning as a website gallery of original artworks, it will culminate in a beautiful hardbound art book.

You can join our challenge as an artist or an art lover, beginning today and through September 14. Images will begin appearing in the gallery on Tuesday, August 11.

1. Artists: Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to support your artwork with donations to TGF.
2. Art Lovers: Support an artist by donating in their honor.

The Gallery goes live on Tuesday, August 11
Visit the Glaucoma Art Challenge page.
Send us your artwork or support an artist now!

As an artist, you can choose to enter the challenge in one of three categories by sending us a digital version of your work – an original photograph, drawing, painting, collage, or sculpture. Your work may be accompanied by a headshot, a title and description of the work, and a biography. All of this will appear in the gallery for hundreds of thousands of viewers once donations in your honor reach the entry level:

• Young Artists (up to age 18) – entry is $250 in donations
• Amateur Artists – entry is $500 in donations
• Professional Artists – entry is $1,000 in donations

While the gallery is live, art lovers can continue to show support for their favorite artists by making gifts to TGF in their honor. Each donor will be acknowledged on the gallery site. The artwork supported with the most donations will get top place in the gallery.

At the end of the challenge on September 15, 2020, the gallery artwork will be turned into a beautiful hardbound book with the top-place work featured on the cover. Every participating artist will receive the book, and a limited number of copies will be available for purchase.

Every dollar raised through the TGF Art Challenge will support the Foundation’s next research grant cycle in the spring of 2021!

Thank you for celebrating vision with us!