Message From The President

  • March 2, 2023
~Message From The President~
CEO Elena Sturman The Glaucoma Foundation
Elena Sturman, President & CEO The Glaucoma Foundation

Recent months at the Foundation have been notable for several “firsts.” As you will read, seven new research grants were awarded in the most recent grants cycle – a record number. And on January 19, via Zoom, we launched a unique pilot glaucoma education program in New York City that focused on the young, specifically middle and high school students. The program, which was presented in partnership with the CCNY STEM Institute, is the first of its kind and addresses the fact that a lack of awareness too often is the weak link in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma. We were encouraged that while only 58 percent of the students passed a simple quiz at the outset of the class, one hour later 81 percent passed the same test.

In addition to this special Zoom program, we continue to present educational webinars to provide valuable information on research breakthroughs, diagnostic and treatment options, doctor/patient relationships, and more. The most recent was a webinar on Flammer Syndrome featuring Swiss ophthalmologist Dr. Josef Flammer and patient Hillary Golden.

Here’s what’s coming up. On March 7, Dr. Thomas V. Johnson III of Johns Hopkins will present on “The Promise of Optic Nerve Regeneration.” The following April 4 webinar will feature Professor Alon Harris, an internationally recognized leader in the field of ocular blood flow and glaucoma.

This newsletter issue includes a piece on lifestyle factors and glaucoma, reflecting a January webinar given by Dr. Aakriti Shukla of Columbia University. I’m delighted to announce that Dr. Shukla has just been named a member of TGF’s Medical Advisory Board. You will also read about a remarkable blind athlete who is also a passionate patient advocate. Later this month I have the privilege of being on a panel at Pharma USA 2023, speaking about bridging the gap between healthcare providers and patients.

We hope you find this newsletter issue of interest and informative. If you’d like to suggest an article for the future, please let us know. We value your readership and your support of all that we do.

March 2023 Newsletter