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New Grant Topic Announced

  • April 15, 2021

Forecasting Glaucoma Disease Progression with Artificial Intelligence

MAJOR GAPS IN GLAUCOMA CARE: We currently have no way to forecast glaucoma disease progression or make predictions about whether patients will require incisional surgery or be blinded by glaucoma. Also, decisions about target IOP are arbitrary and based on clinical consideration of patient age, amount of baseline damage, and baseline IOP.

The Glaucoma Foundation (TGF) is requesting applications that address these gaps using artificial intelligence strategies. Successful applications will be supported at the level of up to $250,000 USD over a two-year period. No indirect funds are allowed.   TGF wants to focus on applications that forecast outcomes rather than provide alternative monitoring strategies. Also, while a great deal of interest has been placed on using AI to use images to predict a surrogate outcome, a successful application is one that will forecast an outcome and ultimately impact patient care. The research team must be willing to share the algorithm freely. This would not involve sharing individual-level patient data.  The most competitive application will be one that could lead to a randomized clinical trial of AI-guided versus usual care in the management of glaucoma, although that will not be the objective of this RFA.