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Endace Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Donation to The Glaucoma Foundation

  • August 18, 2021

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As part of its twentieth anniversary celebration and its “year of giving back”, Endace is supporting The Glaucoma Foundation’s Art Challenge with a corporate donation of US$20,000.

Glaucoma is the world’s leading cause of irreversible blindness and affects an estimated 76 million people, with a projected increase to 112 million by 2040. The Glaucoma Foundation is leading the fight against the disease by promoting early diagnosis and funding important research to identify and develop novel approaches to preserve visual function and reverse blindness caused by glaucoma.

“It was important to us to mark this company milestone by making a difference. More than one-million people per year are diagnosed with glaucoma. The Glaucoma Foundation’s mission to preserve and restore vision aligns strongly with our mission to provide visibility in networks,” said Stuart Wilson, CEO of Endace.

“At Endace, we love to overcome difficult challenges, so helping Glaucoma Foundation address the significant challenges of this debilitating condition feels like a very worthwhile project to support,” Wilson said.

Endace’s generous donation to the 2021 TGF Art Challenge will provide patients with help for today and hope for the future,” said Elena Sturman, President and CEO of The Glaucoma Foundation. “The Art Challenge is one of our most important fundraising activities, raising money to support important research and accelerate our goal to find a cure for glaucoma.”

About the Art Challenge

Artists enter the Glaucoma Foundation Art Challenge by submitting a digital image of their original work, which appears on the artist’s challenge page as blurry and pixelated. As supporters of these artists make donations that increasingly brings the digital artwork into focus.

Endace encourages its friends, family, customers and partners to support The Glaucoma Foundation’s efforts, either by donating to the TGF Art Challenge or by making a donation to the Glaucoma Foundation directly.