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Message From The President

  • July 7, 2023
~Message From The President~
CEO Elena Sturman The Glaucoma Foundation
Elena Sturman, President & CEO The Glaucoma Foundation

Research, education, and collaboration are key to all that we do. Last month, TGF’s 28th Annual Scientific Think Tank brought an extraordinary roster of experts together in New York to share some of the most current and important glaucoma science. This was an exciting meeting of minds covering a range of topics including drug repurposing, neuroprotection, and the need for robust health data.

During the concluding session of the Think Tank, members of our patient community spoke eloquently about their journey with glaucoma. They praised the researchers and clinicians for their outstanding efforts, offered insights into the unmet needs of patients, and gave us actionable suggestions to improve treatment and patient care. In this and coming newsletters, we will dig deeper into the issues raised at the Think Tank. Meanwhile, you can view the conference agenda here and watch each of the six sessions via our website.

Thank you to the Think Tank Committee, sponsors Théa Pharma, Avellino, Santen, iCare, Ora Clinical, Qlaris Bio, Sight Sciences, Topcon, Triad Foundation, Glaukos, Opthalmology 360, and Research to Prevent Blindness, to our individual supporters, and to the twenty-five presenters and session moderators who made this perhaps the best think tank since its founding in 1995.

On June 10, Dr. Louis R. Pasquale was presented with the Dr. Robert Ritch Award for Excellence and Innovation in Glaucoma. Established in 2008 by The Glaucoma Foundation and named in honor of its first recipient, the founder and medical director of TGF, the Ritch Award recognizes the contributions of individuals who have played a significant and unique role in promoting the medicine and science of glaucoma. Dr. Pasquale is a distinguished member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and co-chair of the Scientific Advisory Board and Annual Think Tank. We are proud to honor him with this award. His leadership is fundamental to our mission and we are forever grateful for his consummate expertise and his dedication to research and patient care.

On June 16, I joined Dr. Aakriti Shukla of Columbia University School of Medicine for a webinar on blindness and glaucoma sponsored by Accessible Pharmacy. A few days later, TGF presented a webinar with Drs. Gustavo De Moraes of Columbia University and Miriam Kolko of the University of Copenhagen on the side effects of glaucoma eye drops. They discussed the need for more preservative-free drops to lessen ocular surface disease, a subject of vital importance to all glaucoma patients. To that end, TGF is one of four founding members of the Preservative Freedom Coalition to Advocate for Preservative-free Eyecare, recently launched by Théa Pharma.

In this issue, you can learn about the mechanisms of clinical trials, how a patient is living with a rare form of glaucoma and serving as a patient advocate, and how you can further glaucoma research by joining “Visions for Vision” this summer.

With your ongoing support, we continue to advocate and work in partnership with others on important issues that can improve the lives of glaucoma patients. Thank you.

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Elena Sturman

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